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Translation of PDF files

In general, PDF documents aren't as simple as they appear on the screen. If the file is encrypted, we have no access right to its contents. If PDF file has been created from a graphic image, the text in it cannot be extracted without OCR recognition. Unless PDF files are tagged, they have no concept of paragraph, table, or column.

The problem is that PDF file does not assume further editing and translation. It is the final document, like document printed on a paper (for this reason transformation to PDF format is called printing - Adobe PDFMaker program is really a shell for the Windows printer driver). The primary purpose and main advantage of PDF format are that this document absolutely equally appears on a screen and on a paper, in Windows or MacOS operating system, on any monitor, and on listing from any printer. Thus the document is kept all its visual design elements even if the given computer doesn't support this element. For example, PDF file is displayed with the same fonts as source file from which it has been created even if the computer doesn't have needed fonts files (but Word text editor displays DOC document in the fonts installed on computer and formats the document according to parameters of the system�s default printer, therefore appearance of DOC document may be essentially changed after moving the file on other computer). The approach used in PDF allows saving completely all design elements of the document, but restricts editing functions available for PDF file.

The correct and reasonable decision while translating PDF will be inquiry to the author of this document to provide of a source file for translation. In this case, the translator will receive InDesign, FrameMaker or other publishing programs files, translate it in appropriate program or in TRADOS, and print the translated document in PDF format.

This isn't always possible, however. These source files have rather great size and are not always kept even by the companies which have released PDF document, so sometimes you have only a PDF to work with, but it is necessary to understand well, that it is not quite correct approach, therefore the translated PDF file will repeat not precisely a source file (at least, it is almost always necessary to substitute a "English only� font for Cyrillic font, if you do not use a full Unicode font from Adobe, because Unicode font from Microsoft will be useless in this case).

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